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Dear Supporters: A letter from me to you

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Good evening y’all! I just wanted to come through again and say THANK YOU to all of my supporters. You guys have consistently shown me love over the years and I can't thank y’all enough.

With all the love from me and my mothers post was such a breath of fresh air. A lot of things I do and post are very scary at times. Not knowing how people will receive it, just trusting the gut and going for it.

I strive to live my life to lead by example and be a positive influence (as much as I can) while staying true to myself. I choose to be transparent with you guys not for attention but for awareness. Sharing my world in the hopes of inspiring people to live their lives as their true selves no matter who they may be. Live it to the best of your abilities until you learn better.

“And when you know better, do better.” -Maya Angelou

Yes, I am VERY AWARE that everyone is not going to agree with all the decisions I make and things I do, but understand this, I do things that make me happy. Regardless of how anyone else may feel about it. I don’t believe in putting myself in a box, it’s not a box in this world that could hold all of the talent and blessings I have to share with the world. And before I leave this world I want to make sure I used every ounce of it so the world will know I was here (in my Beyoncé voice lol).

As y’all know 2020 hasn’t been easy for none of us and we’re all just tryna make it through during this “Rona pandemic aka COVID-19”. I’ve been through many things both Good and Bad and I try my hardest to take the positive from those lessons and experiences so I can articulate them creatively to share for you guys to learn from my mistakes or trials; We are all in this together.

“For each one, Teach one.” -Unknown

No matter what, I will always show love to my supporters and my communities because you all have been there for me. Rather it’s the Kidney Disease Community, LGBTQ Community or the ARTS Community, I will always shine a light on each of you in every creative way I could possibly think of. Rather it’s a blog post, book, podcast episode, video, movie/film, article, magazine, interview, feature, music, acting, comedy, skits or fundraiser. I intentionally do everything with my communities in mind before I act on anything. I try every day to be the person I wish I had as a teenager to look up too. Someone who is confident in who they are, not afraid to speak their truth and live out their dreams no matter what type of hardships they may go through.

Not pressuring myself to be famous and out of touch with my communities, yet be successful and close enough to reach out to a supporter or organization to be of service. It’s not enough of us young black men being a positive example in the LGBTQ, ARTS or Kidney Disease Communities for the next generation so I vow to do my part.

“Focus on the things you can control and not on the things you can’t.” -Unknown

As I promised God when I was on Dialysis,

“If you can help me through this I PROMISE I will do everything in my power to share my story and help as many people you allow me to on my journey."

And I plan to uphold that until I’m gone. So again thank you guys soo much for all continued love and support. I pray you all stay along for the ride and grow more with me. It only gets better from here 😊

As a little bonus, I was listening to this motivational video this morning and it basically sums up this post and how I plan my life. Enjoy!

Before I close, be sure to subscribe to the blog and leave a comment. Let me know what was your take away. Let’s talk about it!

Y’all have a great rest of your week and stay safe out there as much as you can. And remember,

“ALWAYS believe in yourself, because I know I believe in you”

Take care,


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