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10 Tips to STAYING SANE during Quarantine

Here in Memphis, Tennessee today after 6pm the whole city shuts down on curfew. First of all when I get off work (yes Im one of the essential business workers) Im zooming to Starbucks to get my Venti Caramel Frappe with Vanilla and EXTRA Caramel drizzle 🙌🏾 I need my coffee!

Anyways, we’re in very scary times in the world today with this virus. It seems like we’re all being put on punishment from Mother Earth and cant come back outside until she heals herself (or the virus is gone/controlled). However, during this process of quarantine it can be a bit much if you’re not keeping yourself busy or occupied. Trust me, you will get bored real quick and you can only take so many naps before you’re tired of going to sleep.

So with me being the introvert I am, Im excited about the two weeks of alone time from work I’ll be getting. I came up with a list of 10 tips I use to keep myself occupied during alone time.

One: Plan a Daily To-do List

In this case of being bound to the house, you have to get creative with the things you want to accomplish around the house or online.

Two: Meditate

I love to start my days or even throughout the day with a 10-20min meditation session. It helps me calm my mind of the outside noise and focus internally to get centered with my body and thoughts.

Three: Spring Clean

Since doctors prefer we keep sanitizing everything we might as well clean the whole house real good. Clean out those refrigerators, wash those walls, baseboards, mop/vacuum, rearrange your pantry or furniture. Go through your wardrobe and clean it out. Throw or give away those pieces you don’t want or wear no more, declutter it all.

Four: Netflix and Chill

Catch up on some movies or shows you’ve been wanting to watch but couldn’t find the time. You have PLENTY of time now.

Five: At Home Concert

Rather it’s a WHOLE Beyonce Homecoming album, or just a few of your favorite tracks on Apple Music or iheartradio. Have fun to your favorite jams! Make sure your lip syncing and choreography is on point! In my RuPaul voice, “And don’t Fuck it up!”

Six: Read a Book

Take some time to finally read that book you been wanting to get around to. Now you can actually read those books you have on your bookshelf instead of just having them for decorations (or is that just me?)

Seven: Learn Self Grooming/Care

As we know due to this shutdown, all the beauty shops, barbershops and gyms will be closed. This is the time where you can go online and be a student of Youtube University like the rest of us and learn new skills. Learn how to apply those lashes and wigs; how to cut your own hair and giver yourself a line up. If you mess it up you’ll be in the house at least a month or two, so it’ll grown back. You can also pick up new techniques to workout from home. I have a couple sets of dumbbells but you can get creative with your “weights”.

Eight: Get Some Fresh Air

Rather if you’re in a house, go sit on your porch or hang out in your back yard, or if you’re in an apartment go sit on your balcony (if you have one) or go for a drive around the city for a little bit. If all that fails open a window, nothing beats fresh air.

Nine: Play Games

Rather you stay alone or with family, utilize those game systems or pullout the old school board games. Get a couple hours in of fun and laughter.

Ten: Do That Thing You’ve Been Putting Off

Rather that’s to finish writing that book you started, Starting a blog, Brainstorming on a new business idea learning another language. Bring it out and get back to working on it.


A a little piece of laughter, I decided to share a clip I recently posted on my TikTok account in regards to this topic. It may be for comedic matters but it’s still a serious manner.

Hopefully one of these help make your quarantine less stressful and boring. I do these all the time and get quite a bit done for the most part, outside of being distracted by social media. Happy Quarantine guys! Be safe out there!

Before I close remember, Please leave a comment and a like on this post. What was your big take away from this or do you have any tips you would like to add. Let’s talk about it!

And remember,

Always believe in yourself, because I know I believe in you.”

Take Care,


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