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IT’S HERE: The Release of my First Book

Amazon Link for the book:

I still can't believe the day is finally here! Not only is today my 15-year anniversary post-kidney transplant, but its also the release of my first book,

BECOMING A LIVING TESTIMONY: My journey through kidney disease and how it blessed my life.

It’s been a long journey but I'm Blessed to finally be able to say I’ve reached the finished line. I can't wait for you guys to read it and walk on my journey with me. Life wasn’t always easy and happy as I am now. In this book, I take you on a personal journey from my premature birth at 24-weeks, when I was first diagnosed with kidney disease, experiencing the life-altering of dialysis as a teenager, up to the young man I am today at the age of 30.

I pray my story blesses those who may be going through their own journeys of kidney disease and are able to read mine and be encouraged that no matter what challenges or adversities that may come your way, as long as you have faith in God you too can and will come out on top with a whole new perspective on life. I’ve been able to look at what many people call a disease with such a negative impact and now look at it all as a BLESSING. Kidney Disease didn’t curse my life, it indeed Blessed my life. Because of it, I’m the man I am today.

Never let anything or anyone hold you back from pursuing your dreams, it is your right to go after any and everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Don't complain, just work out a plan and take action. I did and you can too!

Love y’all and thanks for all the continued love and support over the years of watching me create my book. I'm soo happy it's here and can't wait for you guys to read the story of me Becoming A Living Testimony.

Before I let you go, please share my story because I know this will help somebody. I'm trying to get it out and help inspire as many people as the Lord allows me to. Thanks again and please remember to,


Take Care,

ARTavius Veasey

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