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IT'S HERE: Unboxing of my First Book


If only you knew how excited I am to be at this point! It literally took about 10years to get this book to where it is now. The bulk of the work and putting it all together took place these last two years. Thanks to my good friends Larry Wilson aka Dapharaoh69, who edit and wrote the foreword for the book and Mark Pace aka Yello Bambino, who helped me type the whole book. You guys have truly been a blessing to me so THANK YOU!

Now at this point, I’m waiting to get the green light from the stores to let me know the book is available to the public to purchase online. I’m super excited and thankful to be at this point. My 15year anniversary post kidney transplant is July 15th and to have the book finished just in time has been a dream of mines for the longest! Soo proud of myself and those who helped me along the way in getting everything ready and put together to make this book the masterpiece it is. I can’t wait for y’all to read it! This is literally words directly from my personal diary that nobody knows about. You get to witness me behind the scenes and walk alongside me on my journey as I illustrate my ups and downs from birth til today.

Thank you guys soo much for all the love, support, and constant inspiration for me to keep going. This first of two memoirs (yes I have another one coming 😉) is for you guys. I’m simply fulfilling my promise I made to God while on Dialysis (you’ll have to read the book to find out the promise) and I’m soo happy this part is done and will be out in the world real soon. Now I know after this no matter what happens to me this will be something I have left behind for future generations to see and to know “I was here”.

Love y’all! And stay tuned for the release to the public date for the book. Until next time y’all be blessed and don’t forget,


Take Care,

ARTavius Veasey

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