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Today would’ve been his 27th bday. My best friend Tyler, better known as King Famouz passed three years ago. We’ve been best friends for over 10 years and he passed a little over a month and a few days after his 24th bday. It was the most traumatizing day and the second half of 2017 for me. What was so hurtful for me, we finally met for the first time after being friends for so long.

I had just got my new car a couple of days before and drove those 16hrs from Memphis, TN to Immokalee, FL by myself (I’ve never driven more than 5hrs by myself so of course I was scared but I didn’t care) to finally put our distance, video calls behind us and meet face to face. We talked about soo much we wanted to do together, both personally and professionally. He was that little brother I always dreamed of having. Someone who was creative like me and I could talk to and be completely transparent to about ANYTHING! Discuss secrets, ups & downs, dreams, goals, careers, ideas, etc.

We both were equally uber-talented, jacks of many trades! We brainstormed, created, and collaborated on many projects together. We were so reliant on each other that we didn’t push anything out to the public until we ran it across each other first lol! We use to critique each other to make sure we both were releasing the best work. Rather it's a flyer, logo, business idea, clothing, or campaign, we were there to keep each other on our toes when it came to graphic design and photography.

One thing, in particular, we always talked about and had in common was music. We use to always call each other on either Skype or Oovoo and have a mini-concert together. Our fave was of course Beyoncé and we use to watch her concerts together over video call and critique her outfits, videos, and gagged over her live performances. WE LOVE KING BEY! We both grew up on Youtube (When it was fun, back in 2009) creating content, filming music videos, and recording remixes to some of our favorite songs. He’s the one who got me into recording music and rapping. That wasn’t my thing at all but he talked me into buying a mic and teaching me how to find my rhythm with the beat and coming up with lyrics for songs.

After finding my voice and getting comfortable with rapping we both decided to do mixtapes individually. Sadly to say, he passed before he finished his mixtape and I stop recording music a little before that. When I went to see him that first time we were in the process of creating more music together and dusting off the old music to finish our mixtapes. A lot of people don’t know but I was planning to move to Orlando to do my Master’s program on campus at Full Sail University and we planned to move in together but it didn’t get to happen due to his passing. I continued my education and just finished my Master’s degree online. I’ll never forget the night when I dropped him off at home before I hit the road for another 16hrs back to Memphis, I of course was crying (I'm a cry baby lol I don’t like saying goodbye or see you later) and we hugged each other tightly for about a two minutes and he said,

“Don’t cry, I love you, and I’ll see you soon.”

Those were his last words to me in person…

So yall know I cried the first two hours driving home just thanking God for giving us the opportunity to finally close the gap and meet each other. Not knowing that was my first and last time seeing him in person but I was so thankful to get to see him and celebrate his 24th bday with him. Shout out to his mother for helping me set up the surprise! LOVE YOU MOMA!

Now fast forward to about 3 weeks ago as I knew his bday was coming up and I was tryna figure out what can I do for his bday this year? This year will be three years since he’s been gone and I wanted to do something special but couldn’t think of anything. I’ve recently got back into music and release my first remix song in 9 years with my cousin Ka$h called 'Bored in the House'. It was a lot of fun doing and got me back excited to finally release the mixtape and fulfill the promise I gave to my supporters so long ago. Then it SMACKED ME LIKE 18 WHEELER as I was writing out the tracklist of potential music for my mixtape,

“I can finish King’s Mixtape and collaborated with mine"

Now I'm super excited because I’ve been writing a little bit last year but just kept it in the vault. I was planning to release a mixtape this year sometime combining all my old and new music featuring all of my friends who's collaborated with me on music over the years. I was super excited about my mixtape because I was introducing my alter ego/female character, Miss Cocoa Collins to the rap game lol! When the idea of finishing King’s mixtape came up I was like okay cool! I will make it like a tribute to him. I will have the three songs he’s finished and add the songs we did together and separately as a collaboration album. Featuring all our friends who we both recorded with over the years and bring us back together in unity how we always were. Both LGBT and non-LGBT people who supported us both, we all rocked together with music and I will name it after his mixtape “LEGACY”. This way his name, artistry, and overall Legacy will still reign and live on through his music and I’ll be right there by his side like I've always been. I believe as his brother, that’s the least I can do and I think he will really appreciate that.

Now without any further ado, I present to you LEGACY: The Mixtape

The official project will debut on King’s 3 year anniversary on July 31, 2020. I can't wait for yall to hear the new music! Stay tuned!!

P.S. I got the poster printed on a canvas to have for my office:

R.I.P King, I'll never forget you and your Legacy shall continue to live on for many many years!

Love yall! Thanks for all the continued love and support! And remember,

"Always Believe in yourself, because I know I believe in you”.

Take Care,

ARTavius Veasey

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