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Music: Bored in the House (Quarantine Remix) ft. Ka$h


The time is finally here! After 9 years of being away from the music scene I find my way back thanks to this Quarantine. Now let me be the first to say, I'm not tryna make a career in music. I use it as another creative outlet to scratch that creative itch that graphic design doesn't fulfill.

I never allow myself to be put in a box, I try to experiment with many different art forms as I can to see if I would like it or not (expand your creative abilities as much as possible).

From the past back when I was 21 years old rapping or making remix's to my favorite songs made me happy and most importantly I HAD A LOT OF FUN with it. So I just want to bring that fun energy back. I hope you enjoy and thanks again for the continuous support guys. Be sure yall stay safe out there.

Take Care,

ARTavius Veasey

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